CCECE 2014

Organizing Committee Members

General Chair

- Xavier Fernando (Ryerson University)

TPC Co-Chairs

- Scott Yam (Queen's University)
- Amin Mobasher (Broadcom)
- Gerry Moschopoulos (University of Western Ontario)

Publications Chair

- Sean Dunne (General Electric Canada)

Publicity Chair

- Maike Luiken (Bluewater Technology Access Centre (BTAK))

Tutorial Chair

- Wai Tung (University of Toronto)

Workshop Chair

- Alireza Sadeghian (Ryerson University)
- Hooman Tahayori (Ryerson University)

Exhibit/ Industry Track Chair

- Alexei Botchkarev (Ryerson University)

Finance Chair

- Stephen Wilson, Vice Chair, IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Committee, Hamilton

Local Arrangements Chairs

- Karthi Umapathi (Ryerson University)
- Mehrnaz Shokrollahi (Ryerson University)

Registration Chair

- Sattar Hussain (Ryerson University)

Student Activities Chair

- Olivier Trescases (University of Toronto)

Sponsorship Chair

- Talieh Tabatabaei (University of Waterloo)

Steering Committee Members

- Vijay Bhargava (The University of British Columbia)
- Sri Krishnan (Ryerson University)
- Vijay Sood (Concordia University)
- Ling Guan (Ryerson University)

IT Chairs

- Kuganeswaran Thambu (BlackBerry)
- Sajjadul Latif (Ryerson University)

IEEE Canada Conference Advisory Chair

- Wahab Almuhtadi (Algonquin College)

IEEE Canada President

- Amir G. Aghdam (Concordia University)

Symposium Chairs

Circuits Devices and Systems

- Glenn Cowan (Concordia University)
- Emanuel Istrate (University of Toronto)

Control and Robotics

- Joshua Marshall (Carleton University)
- Soosan Beheshti (Ryerson University)

Communications and Networking

- Mark Coates (McGill University)
- Alireza Ghaderipoor (Broadcom Corporation)

Biomedical and Health Informatics

- Carolyn McGregor (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)
- James C. Lacefield (University of Western Ontario)

Computers, Software and Applications

- Ebrahim Bagheri (Ryerson University)
- Jelena Misic (Ryerson University)

Signals and Multimedia Processing track

- Xianbin Wang (University of Western Ontario)
- Matthew Kyan (Ryerson University)

Power Electronics and Energy Systems

- Olivier Trescases (University of Toronto)
- Trevor Grant (CANDURA Instruments)

Smart Grids and Renewable Energy

- Mohammad Dadash Zadeh (University of Western Ontario)
- Kankar Bhattacharya (University of Waterloo) - Smart Grids and Renewable Energy

Humanitarian Initiative Committee Workshop

- Sawsan Abdul-Majid (University of Ottawa)

IEEE Canada Contact

Cathie Lowell
PO Box 63005, SDM #742
102 Plaza Drive, Dundas, ON, L9H 6Y3